Who I am

I’m a frontend developer and designer, currently freelancing in Durham, NC.

What I do

I create everything from Webapps to VR experiences. I use modern technologies and design to streamline development and make intuitive products.

Overvues.com, a place to review and learn about skincare.

Currently in Alpha, we just launched and are looking for feedback!

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I work with local agencies.

And sometimes larger companies, such as Walmart. If you’re interested in seeing some of my other work, please reach out.

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To stay up to date, I make things with emerging technologies.

Here are some projects I’ve made over the last two years. Most of these have led to freelance work, and show proof of concept for new technologies. All the code can be found in my bitbucket linked below.

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I also write blogs.

There you can find information on the tools and tech I’m currently using, and what I think about them.

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Say Hi.

If you’d like to know more, see other projects, or work with me: reach out at adambattenburg@gmail.com.


(805) 235-2684

Last Updated: Mar. 2018