Hi, I'm Adam.

Thanks for stopping by.

Who I am

I’m a frontend developer living in North Carolina. Check below for my ongoing projects.

What I do

Currently building a cloud IDE with IBM.

Overvues.dev, my writing for modern development

Boilerplate/ process for my current projects.

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I freelance with local agencies.

And sometimes larger companies. See an example below.

Studio Two

To stay up to date, I make things with emerging technologies.

Here are some proof of concepts I’ve made in the past. All the code can be found in my bitbucket linked below.

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I also write blogs.

There you can find information on the tools and tech I’m currently using, and what I think about them.

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Say Hi.

If you’d like to know more, see other projects, or work with me: reach out at adambattenburg@gmail.com.


(805) 235-2684

Last Updated: May 2018